PowerFlush Repairs & Service

Why Powerflush


Cleaning a central heating system is integral to its health and powerflushing is a popular cleaning method due to the rapid but comprehensive clean it delivers. The benefits of a clean heating system are well-documented:

  • more even heat distribution throughout the property
  • improved overall energy savings
  • lower household bills
  • increased system reliability
  • extended system life

So how do you know if a system needs a powerflush? Here are some symptoms to look out for.

  • Are certain rooms much colder than others?
  • Does it take a long time for system to warm up?
  • Are one or more radiators cold at the bottom?
  • Do radiators need frequent bleeding?
  • Is the boiler noisy?

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is Ireland & the UK’s No.1 manufacturer of the largest range of magnetic filters delivering best practice maintenance and protection for domestic and commercial central heating systems.

  • Adey Magnacleanse


    ADEY’s MagnaClean filters are the No.1 selling filter on the market. The company invented the technology introducing magnetic filtration to the heating industry in 2003 and now produces the most extensive range of domestic and commercial filters available.

    MagnaClean removes virtually 100% of damaging black iron oxide sludge from central heating systems. This prevents sludge and debris from clogging up pipework, plate heat exchangers and radiators, reducing efficiency and heat output and ultimately causing the breakdown of the boiler.

    For an average three bedroom dwelling, installing a MagnaClean can reduce household heating bills and carbon emissions by up to 6% year on year. The filters are also proven to reduce system maintenance call-outs by up to 37% a year and help increase the life of the boiler beyond the industry expected lifespan of 12-15 years.

    Adey Filters
  • • Effective magnetic and efficient non-magnetic filtration


  • • Simple installation and effortless servicing saving time and money


  • • Immediate results and system protection cutting heating energy bills by up to 6% a year*


  • • Long operational life AND guaranteed for TWO years


  • • Reduced carbon emissions


  • • MagnaClean Professional 22mm available in black and white


  • • More than a million MagnaClean filters installed throughout the Ireland & the UK.