New Boiler Fitting Details


Certain High efficiency domestic gas boilers combines the finest engineering and manufacturing, to give you outstanding performance and long lasting reliability from your heating system.

Upgrading your boiler is a big decision and there are many brands to choose from.

When buying a boiler you must compare like with like when it comes to not only the boiler you are purchasing but also what installation service you are getting.

Another major factor should be what warranty you get with your boiler as you want it to last as long as possible without causing you extra financial maintenance during its lifetime.

With our experience over the past 30 years we are in a position to offer warranties on boilers that exceed the normal.

This is because the manufacturers recognise that when we install a new boiler we do it as per their best of practice.

This means certain manufacturers are willing to give an extended warranty to boilers fitted and serviced by us.

Our supply and installation service is second to none and listed below is what you can expect when you upgrade your boiler. We don't just install your boiler with us you get a complete package!! Including power flushing, chemical treatment and magnetite filter as part of our standard installation. Control packs and electronics also Available including Dan Foss, Myson, System link and many others.

Supply & Installation


With a broad range of combination, system and open vent boilers available in outputs to suit all types of properties, we can provide the perfect boiler for your home.

We provide a full design programme including electronic controls and room sizing for radiators or underfloor heating.

Choosing the right heating system for your home can sometimes be unnecessarily difficult, so to help you make an informed choice we’ve put together some guidance on each boiler within our domestic boiler range, answering some of the questions you might find yourself asking. 

However feel free to use our experience and contact us with any information that you require or queries you have. Call Dave 0831686355


Open vent boilers

What is an open vent boiler?

Open Vent Boiler

This type of system is more traditional and is normally found in older houses. They work alongside a separate hot water cylinder (often found in the airing cupboard) and a use a cold water tank (often found in the loft). Like a sealed system, this type of system is normally suited to a larger home with a higher hot water requirement. Mainly fitted on old gun barrel systems or very old systems.

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We install fully intergrated  systems  we use such products as Systemlink, Danfoss, Myson & many other giving a full service from hard wired  or radio controlled systems to suit your every need .